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Xmas cookie ingredients Osaka/Kobe 2009/12/19 17:37
Osaka City
Basically, I want to make christmas cookies for my host family this year.
Possibly homemade eggnog too.

Έ I've heard of Seijyouishii but have not been there and am not sure if they'll actually have everything I need. I went to Ikari supermarket as well and saw a few rather basic things but not all of what I need.

The stuff I'm trying to find:
Confectioner's/Powdered sugar
vanilla extract
peppermint candies/candy canes
nutmeg (ground would be best)
cinnamon (ground would be best)
chocolate chips (white and milk)
peppermint extract
baking powder

cloves (for eggnog)

Any help would be appreciated.
(I live in Hyogo-ken but am only 20 minutes or so away from Umeda.)

Thank you!!! :)

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Re: 2009/12/20 21:49
Seijo Ishii'Έ' in Hyogo
1) Shukugawa@Hankyu Shukugawa Sta.

2) Nishinomiya@Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens.

And Seijo Ishii in Osaka

I think Tokyu Hands'}nY'@Sannomiya sells the stuff you want.
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Re: 2009/12/20 21:50
2) Nishinomiya@Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens.
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. 2009/12/21 00:45
There's a great International Store near Higashi Umeda station. The big problem I had was finding a oven to bake in. Good luck.
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baking 2009/12/21 07:31
For baking you could look at a microwave oven that can also bake, broil etc. They have been sold in Japan and Europe since the mid1980s. Yodobashi cameras has a good selection of them and so do all the stores with an appliances section.
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