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Japanese Real Estate Agents 2009/12/21 14:11
I am working on a project of sorts and I have two questions about becoming a real estate agent in Japan.

One is, what are the requirements of becoming a real estate agent? How much education is typically needed?

And two, what would be the best school or course of study?

Thank you!
by Amanda (guest)  

real estate 2009/12/21 16:22
Off the cuff: speaking fluent Japanese, knowing quite a lot about Japanese culture, being very familiar with the town you are planning to work in, (most residential streets have no name), being very familiar with Japanese homes layout, appliances and fixtures...being able to read basic blueprints...for example do you now what a 2LDK means?
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... 2009/12/22 00:55
To manage real estate business you need permission of governor (being registered at prefectural office).
And you need to be license holder yourself or hire license holder. The license holder is called takuchi- tatemono-torihiki-shuninsha. ‘î’nŒš•¨ŽæˆøŽå”CŽÒ
To become a license holder you should pass the examination that is specified by the minister of land. The examination is performed by the organization called fudosan-tekiseitorihiki-suishin-kikou•s“®ŽY“K³Žæˆø„i‹@.
The test consists of related law and related matters of real estate of Japan. (civil law –¯–@, law of business of real estate ‘î’nŒš•¨Žæˆø‹Æ–@ and others)

The license doesn't require any degree. And foreigners can get it. But you need to be fluent in Japanese including kanji (Chinese character). The term is not easy to understand even for the Japanese. And you need to learn Japanese laws and real estate.
I'm a license holder though I'm not working at real estate business. I remember the test was not so easy.
(By the way it is not required every staff in an office should be license holder. Staffs who guide you may not be license holder.)
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century 21 2009/12/22 12:42
I think Century 21 Japan has an English website. You might check there.
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Thanks 2009/12/22 13:40
I appreciate the help! I've looked all over but couldn't find anything.
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