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How often do Japanese do their laundry? 2009/12/23 03:53

Because I'm going on an exchange to Japan in march, I need to know how many clothes I should take with me.
And I was wondering, do Japanese often do their laundry? I heard from a friend who also went on an exchange that her host-mom did the laundry everyday and she didn't need to take a lot of clothes with her.
Is this usual for the average Japanese household?

I'd appreciate any answer :)
Thanks in advance!
by Kitoramu  

. 2009/12/23 10:55
I think doing laundry everyday is pretty common. My mom did it everyday when I lived at my parents' house. I did a couple times a week when I lived alone.
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laundry 2009/12/23 18:34
Every household is different, but my wife does laundry everyday (3 people including an infant), while my mother-in-law does laundry once or even twice a day (5 adults, 2 children). Other families may only do laundry once or twice a week, so maybe bring at least a weeks worth of clothes and buy more if you need it.
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. 2009/12/23 23:58

I used to do the laundry only once a week when I was working full-time on weekdays and didn't have any children. Now I do the laundry every day, because unless I do so the laundry machine will overflow.

If you wish to do the laundry once every day by yourself, I doubt that your host family will complain about. But if you try to use the washing machine late at night or if you ask your host mother to have your clothes dried by next morning, that might cause some inconveniences.

Having clothes worth three days or so is common, I suppose.
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