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Buying Sony DSC-TX1 camera in Osaka 2009/12/23 09:33
I’m thinking of getting Sony DSC-TX1 in Japan. Do anyone knows if it has english language setting? I want to get one with engraved pattern. Would it be easy to get one with engraved pattern in Osaka near Hirakata?
by hpna  

No English 2009/12/23 14:53
Unfortunately, all Sony cameras sold in Japan have ONLY Japanese language…
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Den Den Town 2009/12/23 19:07
This shop says they sell overseas model.

Their shop is located by Ebisubashi station of subway Sakaisuji line. (located in Den Den Town).
Sorry. I don't know in detail. I've not visited the shop ever.
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Sorry. The station name is Ebisucho 2009/12/23 20:21
The name of the station by the shop is not Ebisubashi but Ebisucho. Sorry
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engraved pattern 2009/12/24 00:04
Does Sony offer engraving for the oversea model?
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my mistake 2009/12/24 10:39
I have looked further into it and it seems that this particular model has other languages. The cheapest way to purchase it is in online shops, like kakaku.

Here is the one I found for 23,000 yen (around $250) : http://kakaku.com/item/K0000050537/spec/

You can order online and pay in convenient store or by credit card, yet you would need someone who can speak Japanese as kakaku`s homepage does not have English.

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engraved pattern? 2009/12/25 03:37
does it offer engraving or no for this model if i were to buy on that website?
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Engraving? 2009/12/25 09:35
Never heard about cameras with engraving in Japan... Do you mean initials of someone engraved on a new camera? This is unlikely to be case for Japan. You can contact the shop directly and ask if they have such cameras but I am almost 100% sure you will not find what you are searching for.

Try to go to Akihabara in Tokyo and ask folks who cell digital stuff. They might have some overseas models with engraving, yet the price will definitely be a way higher then for ordinary Japanese cameras.

Good luck!
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link 2009/12/25 09:37
http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Special/Original/Collection/Message/Camera... this is what i mean. It's offered for free by Sony in Japan. So I was hoping to get one with engraved pattern. US Sony only offered letter engraving.
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feasible indeed 2009/12/25 10:49
Wow! Never seen it! According to Sony`s home page you can do it indeed. You have to order Sony from official Sony shop: http://sonyshop-satouchi.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2009-10-29

The price is higher comparing to kakaku or rakuten - JPY 39, 800 yen (design of engraving is for free)

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thanks 2009/12/25 10:52
yea, that's why i really want one. But i think i'm just gonna buy the one in US. Thank you for looking into it for me.
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... 2009/12/25 10:58
It`s my pleasure! I am sure you`ll be able to get one in US more cheaper! Almost twice as price in kakaku sounds like a ripping off...
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