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Buy Digital Piano in Nagoya? 2009/12/27 18:03
Does anyone know of good stores in central Nagoya that sell digital pianos?

I know of Yamaha in Fushimi, and Ishibashi and Parco 5F, but are there other places with large stocks.

I'm especially interested in Kawai company range (CE200/CN22R/22C etc).

Finally, is there a Sales season coming up, and is it the done thing to 'haggle' or put in an offer vs the shown price on such instruments?

by Lud (guest)  

online shopping 2009/12/28 13:49
The easiest and cheapest way would be to purchase it online (and have it delivered to Nagoya).Just googled it and found some options:

Kawai CE200:



The last two links have price including free delivery around Japan.

Hope it helps!

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Too cautious... 2009/12/28 14:52
Thanks for that info, Cookie, but I would never buy an instrument sight (sound) unseen, and a huge step further to buy via online shopping, too. Just too risky if something goes wrong.
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... 2009/12/28 23:24
How about these shops?

Kawai official shop in Nagoya

Music Factory Shinwa
the shop is located near chayagasaka()station.
but it's closed December 29 through January 3.
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