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weight loss plan in Japan? 2009/12/28 12:15
I will be coming to Japan soon and will be there for about 4 months. I really need to lose a significant amount of weight and I think 4 months is a good time frame since I'll be out of the country and away from the pressures of family and friends. Does anyone know of a good weight loss plan I can follow in Japan with taking hot baths ( onsen or sento), tea and eating fresh vegetables? I"m Vegan so I will do my best to stay away from bad foods and alot of white rice. Thanks for any recommendations. I"m hoping to lose at least 30 pounds.
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Exercise 2009/12/28 19:04
Exercise as often as possible and burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis.

Not sure what exactly you mean by bringing up hot baths, tea, and eating vegetables...

Depending on where you're staying and where you currently reside, I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to stay active while you're in Japan. For example, walking the distance of a couple train stations rather than riding the train (suitable for urban areas). Also, stay away from the crap that is served at convenience stores and fast food stores.
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? 2009/12/28 21:40
If you are a vegan and yet have gained enough weight to be able to afford losing as much as 30 pounds, I'm wondering if the cause was too much oil and sugar. Why not simply calculate how much calories you are eating a day? Try to keep it less than 2000 kcal a day. Of course, excercize is important. I hope you weigh at least more than 120 pounds at this point, though.
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. 2009/12/29 11:43
How long have you been a vegan? Probably you should see a registered dietitian before you try any new weight loss plan. I don't want to sound offensive, but if you have been a vegan for years and still have extra 30 pounds, something needs to be evaluated.
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Fat 2009/12/31 16:31
hot baths will not make you loose weight. There are fat people in Japan too and they take hot baths as often, in average, as the skinny ones..excess fat only come for too much food (even good food) and not enough activity (exercise)
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weight loss 2009/12/31 16:52
Go for a lot of walks, and hydrate frequently. It helps if you skip taking the bus, and walk to your destination.

I went to japan for 2 months during the summer. Ate a bit of fast food and ramen, etc, but because I walked so much that i had blood stains in some of my socks, i still ended up losing a lot of weight, but then gained weight in terms of muscle mass (really toned legs) and wound up with a total of 20 pounds lost.

Actually had to buy a belt about 3 weeks into trip because pants i brought became too loose.
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macrobiotic 2010/1/3 18:20
Just follow a basic macrobiotic diet, which is the basic Japanese diet - lots of veggies, tofu, fish (instead of white rice use brown rice or genmai), and walk instead of riding everywhere. Soon, you'll be as fit as you've ever been.
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