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websites Amaryllidaceae 2010/1/1 01:09

who can help me with Japanese websites/links about Amaryllidaceae or bulbs ??

Thank you very much
by Ton Wijnen  

Lycoris and Crinum 2010/1/1 12:44
About plants of Amaryllidaceae, only Lycoris and Crinum are native of Japan.
I don't know websites that describe them mainly. I use to search by key words. The following is results of searches.

Lycoris radiata (Japanese common name Higanbana): The most famous plant. But some botanists say it came from China in prehistorical era.
Lycoris traubii Hayward (Japanese common name, Shoukizuisen):
Lycoris sanguine (Japanese common name, Kitsuneno-kamisori):
Crinum asiaticum (Japanese common name Hamaomoto):

Most of bulb native to Japan are Liliaceae.

I'm an amateur of wild plants and alpine plant. However, if you need information about garden plant I will post comment again.
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searching (plants) nursery? 2010/1/1 14:17
I may have misunderstand your intend.
Are you searching (plants) nursery?
If so, I suppose most of bulbs sold in Japan are same to bulbs which are sold in the Netherlands. Sometimes the Sakata seed or the Takii seed sells bulbs imported from the Netherlands. (Japan's climate, much rain fall, doesn't suit to bulbs. Only some bulbs of Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae are native in Japan.)

However, this nursery sells Lycoris traubii Hayward ショウキズイセン, Lycoris sanguine キツネノカミャ and Crinum asiaticum ハマオモトin their catalogue 2009.
Postal code: 346-0115
Address: 5855-1 Shobucho Kobayashi, Minami-Saitama gun, Saitama prefecture, Japan
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websites Amaryllidaceae 2010/1/1 17:50
Thank you very much about the answers you gave me, guests.
I am also very interested in the native plants of Liliaceae from Japan.

Perhaps you can contact me privately.

warmest regards

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Liliaceae 2010/1/2 14:58
I can't activate my register of Japan Guide. So I can't email you. I will try again in a few days. However, I show main 5 species for the present.

Lilium maculatum (Japanese common name Sukashi-Yuri) スカシユリ

Lilium auratum (Japanese common name Yama-Yuri) ヤマユリ

Lilium speciosum (Japanese common name Kanoko-Yuri) カノコユリ
It grows naturally in Kyusu, southern Japan. Many people cultivate this lily.

Lilium japonicum (Japanese common name Sasa-Yuri) ササユリ

Lilium longiflorum (Japanese common name Teppo-Yuri) テッッポウユリ

Some flowers may be familiar to you. Yes, Lilium maculatum is the ancestor of Asiatic Hybrids. Lilium auratum is the ancestor of Oriental Hybrids.
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