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Visiting Buddhist Temples in Japan 2010/1/2 16:12
While in Japan in March and April we would like to visit a number of temples. In the cooler climate at that time of year I would generally travel in jeans or trousers. As a woman would that type of clothing be acceptable?
by Toni (guest)  

... 2010/1/2 17:35
Yes, that would be no problem. There is no strict dress code for visiting temples as a tourist.
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... 2010/1/2 18:20
Thank you.

Would you also know whether, as a Buddhist but practicing in the Tibetan tradition, if it would be acceptable locally to either meditate or make prostrations at a Buddhist temple in Japan?

I am looking forward to visiting these places very much and would not want to cause any offence.
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temples 2010/1/4 08:11
You will have to make arrangements with the temples in advance if you wish to meditate, and you will most likely need an interpreter unless you can find a temple with an abbot or monk who speaks good English.

Prostrating is not the usual form of worship at a Japanese Buddhist temple, and in most cases visitors are only allowed to the front of the temple, not inside, so you would be standing on wooden stairs or a stone path. While you would be unlikely to cause offence by prostrating, you would certainly attract a lot of attention.

Why not follow the Japanese tradition when visiting Japanese temples?
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