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fall school holidays 2010/1/4 20:45
Will be visiting japan to ski again next week and cannot wait. But am leaving younger kids (11 yr old twins) at home. Would like to make it up to them with a trip to Tokyo Disneyland late in the year but I am VERY keen to avoid public and school holidays.
I am thinking of the week October 16 to 23.
Are there any autumn (fall) holidays during that time? If so os there any quiet week around that time?
Many thanks
by Brendan Guthrie (guest)  

TDL dates 2010/1/4 22:50
According to 2 unofficial congestion simulation sites, dates that are least crowded during that week are expected to be Oct. 19th, 20th and 21st. Then comes 22nd which is a Friday. The most crowded dates are obviously the 16th and 23rd which are Saturdays. The 18th can be as crowded as the 17th, because some schools may be having days off as a substitute holiday to make up for the autumn sports festivals which can be held on a Sunday around that season.

Another thing to note, however, is that this is the season when a lot of schools arrange week-worth school trips for pre-graduates. To avoid this, try to ride popular attractions before 10:00am. If you failed to do this, use Fast-Passes. Otherwise, wait until the evening when the school trip students go shopping for souveniors.

Tokyo Disneyland staff can also provide simular information if you dial them.
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. 2010/1/5 05:51
Thank you Uco for your very informative reply
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