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How to write a letter to a company 2010/1/10 08:31
Hello everyone. I have a question. I just want to write a fan letter to a music company called ''Avex'' i have the adress of the company but i don't know how to write it down so that they know for which group the letter is.Could anybody explain me how i have to write it down? i need a quick answer please help me!!
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Try This.. 2010/1/10 16:45
My sister represent entertainers from USA that has recordings with Avex or Eibekkusu Gurūpu Hōrudingusu Kabushiki-gaisha, have about 60 subsidiary companies, so it is best to send directly to the address below. Substitute the singer name from "BoA to "Ayumi Hamasaki-

AvexTrax Artist
Avex Group Holding, Inc.
3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo,
Japan 107-8525
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Thank You ^^ 2010/1/10 19:58
Thank you very much for the quick answer i'll try like this ^_^ and could it be that the staff didn't give the letter or that the letter didn't reach the group??
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Fan Letter 2010/1/11 08:44
Normally in the entertainment industry all fan letters are assigned to a public relation personnel/secretary,.. with so many fans delay in responding is normal. Also, Avex with so many groups mail can get lost. Good luck trying again.
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i'll try my best ^^ 2010/1/11 15:24
Thank you for your advise..i won't give up ;)
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I am confused 2010/3/26 04:07
now i have 2 psot address from "Avex" the first is : .....107-0062 Tokyo and the 2nd one is: .......Japan 107-8525
whic one is correct if i want to send a letter to "TVXQ"?? 107-8525 or 107-0062??
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