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List of Action Figures shops in Tokyo 2010/1/12 02:10
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all,
I'm an Italian guy and I'll be visiting Tokyo next april.
I'm an action figure fan and collector, and I'd like to ask if you could suggest me a list of the best action-figure and comic shops in the city.
I also heard there are some malls entirely dedicated to video-games and anime action figures, which I'm really looking forward to visiting in order to find some final fantasy/naruto/saint seyia/one piece/street fighter/bleach (etc etc) goodies to add to my collection.
Thank everybody for the much appreciated help!
by Marco (guest)  

hrms... 2010/1/14 00:56
akihabara...when you exit the station go towards the left exit once out, take a right and look to your left...there is a Kaiyodo/kabutochia...or whatever it was called that sells some FF stuff there...theres also Square Enix store @ Shinjuku
by dvang82 (guest) rate this post as useful

Nakano Broadway Centre 2010/1/15 07:31
Get off the train at Nakano and follow the signs to the Nakano Broadway centre, it's right near the station, across the bus terminal. You walk through a covered mall and then you will reach the shopping centre. There are heaps of shops selling action figures. My husband loves collecting action figures and we spent a day and a half at the Broadway Centre!
by AusEz rate this post as useful

Action Figure Shops 2010/1/15 18:58
There is a book, Tokyo Underground : Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo, which provides good maps to all the major action figure retailers in Tokyo.
by toysoldier (guest) rate this post as useful

Action Figure Shops 2010/1/15 19:00
The Mandarake store in Shibuya is my favourite.
by toysoldier (guest) rate this post as useful

Thanks 2010/1/20 00:43
Thanks a lot to everybody, that was very informative! I'm sure I'll have a great time, I'm really looking forward to it :-)
by Marco (guest) rate this post as useful

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