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How to get to Sasebo from... 2010/1/13 10:08
Hello. I lived in Sasebo for 6 years as a child and have wanted to return.
My husband and I will be on a cruise in March that stops in Kagoshima and Nagasaki, spending 12 hours in each port.
I originally thought about taking the train from Nagasaki to Sasebo but worry that there will not be enough time. The ship sails at 8 stop is Shanghai so indeed, don't want to miss the boat!
Then I thought about leaving the ship when it docks in Kagoshima, taking the train or ??? to Sasebo and spending the night, and reuniting with the ship the next day in Nagasaki.....maybe this would be a better plan.
I'd appreciate your opinions/suggestions please!
Also would appreciate info on how to obtain a Sasebo street map. Have not had any luck. Trying to find my old house on Yamate-cho. Our landlady was Mrs Nagata. Of course, this was in the early 1960's so much has changed but it would be wonderful if I could find my house.
Domo Arigato for your help.
by vaitape  

... 2010/1/13 18:57
You should calculate about 2.5 hours one way from Nagasaki Port to Sasebo by direct train from Nagasaki Station.

Likewise, the train journey from Kagoshima Port to Sasebo is taking about five hours via Shin-Yatsushiro and Tosu.

You can look up timetables on the following page. The main station in Kagoshima is called "Kagoshima-Chuo":

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Map 2010/1/14 03:21
With regard to a map, if you have your original zip, just enter it into Google Maps and you'll even be able to use street view to take a look around in most of Sasebo.If you don't have your original Zip here is one in Yamate-cho that might get you close enough to take a look around in streetview - 850-0931.
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. 2010/1/14 03:30
Sorry, that Zip takes you to Yamate-cho in Nagasaki!This one should get you there - 857-0022 - just copy and paste.
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Map and train 2010/1/14 04:05
Thank you for the help so far.....went to Goggle maps with the zip code you so nicely provided. I think the little cottages up the lane off Yamate cho are no longer there but appreciated the chance to have a look.
Regarding trains: if we take the train from Nagasaki to Sasebo, will it be easy to change from one train to another?
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. 2010/1/14 07:18
There are direct trains (Seaside Liner) from Nagasaki to Sasebo at 9.00 am and 10.07 am.There is really no advantage by getting the Kamome and changing trains because you just end up on the direct train anyway.On the return journey, the direct train is the fastest way back. If you change trains you will be hanging around the interchange station for at least 30 minutes to over one hour. The 15.33 or 16.33 Seaside Liner should get you back to Nagasaki in plenty of time to rejoin your ship.
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Train 2010/1/14 07:46
Many thanks AGAIN!
Will it be difficult for us to purchase our tickets and find theplatform for train to Sasebo if we only speak English?
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Bus to Sasebo & diddlefingermap 2010/1/14 10:51
If you want a lower fare to Sasebo from Kagoshima, take a bus to Kiyama, then transfer to Sasebo.
~every 30min. dept., 4,800yen & 3hr18min ride.
~every 30min. dept.,1,950yen & 1hr18min ride.
To find the address in English:
From Sasebo to Nagasaki:
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. 2010/1/14 20:27
Shouldn't be a problem getting tickets and finding the train. Here are some photos of Nagasaki station (click on the "All Sizes" above the photo to get the biggest image):

In this photo, just above the three girls, you can clearly see a blue sign to the left that indicates the location of platforms.To its right there is a train departure board, in this photo it is indicating the departures in Japanese. If memory serves me correctly, the ticket office is to the right in this photo.

A closer view:

The indicator board in this photo is now showing departures in English. From left to right: Train type (Local), Departure time,Destination (in orange) and platform number (in red). In the background you can see a blue train, this is the Sea Side Liner, the train you would use, but it does not always depart from this platform.

Finally, a closeup of the entry gate:

If you hover over the photo in regular view you will see notes on where the ticket goes in and comes out.

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Train and Bus Info 2010/1/15 02:44
Thanks to both of you! The photos were super helpful and also the bus info. Can't thank you enough!
Have you been to Sasebo? Just wondering if anyone knows the street Yamate-cho?
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