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Buying Second Hand Designer bags? 2010/1/14 03:13
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm planning a trip to Japan this year and I remember seeing a picture online of a warehouse type store with tons of second hand designer hand bags piled on top of long plastic tables with huge signs hanging from the top indicating the brand of bags below. This warehouse isn't open everyday. Does anyone know where this is exactly?

The second hand stores in Ginza are expensive already... Heard it was much cheaper in this warehouse. All I know is that it's in Tokyo :(

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
by Ann (guest)  

Not about a warehouse... 2010/1/19 09:25
I haven't heard anything about a warehouse, but I saw an LV wallet at a second hand place in Shinjuku on Monday for 42,000. Is that too expensive? It does seem like a lot but I haven't brought anything LV before.
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