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Onsens and privacy 2010/1/14 03:52
This is a really paranoid and dumb question (apologies for that beforehand!) and I'm sure there will be plenty of posts telling me to lighten up or not go to an onsen at all if I'm that worried but..
I'd like to try an onsen out but am a really private person. Are cameras banned from onsens? What's the likelihood of pervy hidden cameras being hidden in onsens? I know you risk being caught on camera in any public place in this day and age, but I guess shedding my inhibitions is just made that tiniest bit difficult by the worry that my bare ass might make it onto the net. And it isn't a sight I would ever want to inflict on anyone!
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onsens and privacy 2010/1/14 10:20
Are cameras banned from onsens?

Cameras are generally against onsen etiquette, and most onsen have posted signs prohibiting their use. That said, I have seen people with cameras on a few occasions, although either they were taking pictures of people in their own party, or made attempts to avoid taking photos of other guests.

What's the likelihood of pervy hidden cameras being hidden in onsens?

While this kind of thing hits the news every once in awhile, the chances of it happening are practically zero. When it does happen its in the changing rooms, and is probably as rare as when it happens at the gym or public restrooms.

I know you risk being caught on camera in any public place in this day and age

Onsen are no more public places than the gym showers, or public restrooms so you can expect equal privacy.
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... 2010/1/14 10:51
Well, I think Japan has it's fair share of hidden cameras but that's mostly reserved for "love hotels", girls bathrooms, and upskirt maniacs.

I think the chances of a private ryokan or regular hotel being bugged are quite slim.
Further, even if that 1 in a million occurrence were to happen, there's no money to be made off a foreigner's naked behind shower pics/video so I would say you have a better chance of winning the Japanese lottery than finding your read end on the web after your trip.

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... 2010/1/14 11:58
I believe that cameras are banned in onsen inns' bathing area altogether, starting with the dressing room and everything. I recall a sign saying so even in an outdoor bath known for (if you are lucky with the weather and everything) view of Mt. Fuji, where people are likely to want to bring in cameras in case they get good views, but it was banned, and as far as I could see, it was respected.
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wow 2010/1/15 15:53
You all ready answered your question,
''This is a really paranoid ....''

It doesn't matter just go and take your cloths off and enjoy the experiance, live a little,

If you are good looking then great be proud.
If your just normal to ungly no one will want to look so no problems.

You seen one you have seen them all.
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... 2010/1/15 19:48
It's about as likely as the chances of there being a hidden camera in a gym or swimming pool changing room or public toilet in your home country. Do you worry about such things there?
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