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Company registration in Japan 2010/1/14 12:06
Hi, I'm from Hong Kong. Can someone tell me how to do a company registration in Japan?
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SPECIFICS 2010/1/14 16:05
In general you must have a registered presence in Japan (particular visa authorizing you to be in Japan & registered address), if not, you will need a business emissary/managing director that is authorized to conduct a business on your behalf. And if your business is a corporation, then the corporation can act as your sponsor for a worker's visa.

Since HK & Jpn participate in a reciprocal visa waiver you can visit Jpn for 90 days and initiate all necessary corporate registering, and then forward the visa sponsorship for yourself in that 90 days.

Upon receiving your worker's visa you may terminate the managing director.
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... 2010/1/15 07:50
If you get stuck at even this very first level of the process, I strongly recommend to hire somebody who registers the company for you. I think most people do it. That person will do all the tedious paperwork (of which there is a lot - and everything in Japanese) and all you have to do is to provide the necessary documents.

Specifics depend on what exactly you intend to do, i.e. set up a new company, create a Japanese branch for an existing company, etc. Here are some basics:
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Thanks! 2010/1/15 18:20
Thanks, both of you!
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