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kimono fittings 2010/1/14 17:18
hello there! i'm headed to a series of kimono fittings in the next 2 weeks for my wedding this year. it will be my first time to go and i don't have any idea on how it would proceed. i'll be going with my mother-in-law but i'm quite shy to ask her:-( do i need to pay for the fittings? the rental shops were listed on the brochure that the hotel gave us. i also would like to ask for tips on what to wear on that day so that it would be easier. thanks!
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kimono fittings 2010/1/15 09:27
My wife and I had the same situation when we were getting married, and as far as I understand the fitting fees should be covered in the cost of the rental, especially if you use the rental shops that are associated with the hotel. Also, as kimono don't require fitting the same way a wedding dress does, it was more choosing the style and color of the kimono rather than taking measurements for tailoring. Also, I think my wife didn't need to wear anything special for the fitting, but we were told what to wear during the actual ceremony when the kimono was properly tied up. Good luck and have fun, and maybe try opening up to your future mother in law during the fittings as I imagine its a great time to bond.
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thanks! 2010/1/18 14:05
hello there! thanks for your reply! i was able to go to 2 kimono fittings last weekend and it's indeed free and was basically done to check the color and design ;-)i noticed though that it would have been better if i wore a v-necked top in contrast to a turtle-necked top as the kimono was placed over my clothes. a camera is definitely a must, too! anyway, it was an enjoyable experience and bonding session op with my mother-in-law ;-)
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