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Deferred payment in Japan 2010/1/15 19:27
I want to buy something a bit expensive (a laptop and a camera).

So I was wondering if there is a service in Japan that provides deferred(instalment) payment. That is paying small portions of the amount each month (with interest).
How do I apply, Is it at the retailer, a bank or another financial institution?

What are the limitations: maximum amount, maximum period.
And also let's presume that I have an alien registration and a bank account.

by ivanpaparaka  

... 2010/1/16 08:00
Japanese credit cards allow you to make deferred payments, but I believe that foreign issued cards cannot be used for that, although I am not sure. When paying, you simply indicate in how many installments yuo wish t to pay the item. I personally have never used it and am not familiar with the details, e.g. up to how many installments can be selected, etc.

Getting a Japanese credit card, however, is difficult. You need to have a good tax history in Japan in order to get one.
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... 2010/1/16 17:10
If you go to major electrical/electronics shops in Japan (not online, but if you go in person), some of them *might* have some kind of "shopping loan" available - meaning, you arrange to pay in installments. They would probably ask you if you are a long-term resident in Japan, what kind of employment you have here, etc., but it won't hurt to ask.

Since it's for those few items you will be buying there (meaning the maximum exposure is known), the screening process may be easier than applying for a general purpose credit card in Japan.
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