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Purchasing Diapers in Japan 2010/1/17 02:16

I am travelling to Japan in April 2010 - very excited!

Can someone let me know where is best to buy diapers whilst we are there, can you get them in their ampm stores?

I can't seem to find any information on this!

Also, any hints and tips on travelling with a toddler would be gratefully received!

by TishTash  

. 2010/1/17 09:06
Not sure if the C-stores sell them (probably, just never needed to look), even if they do, it would probably be cheaper to buy them at a supermarket or drug store.Are you staying in one place or travelling around? If you can give me the Zip of your hotel(s) I might be able to find you a nearby location.
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Thanks! 2010/1/17 20:44
Thanks for replying!

We'll be staying in the Higashiyama District at the Hyatt Regency in Kyoto and then in Marunouchi/Ginza area in Tokyo! Zip: 100-6277 (Right next to Tokyo Station.

I wondered if they might be available in ampm stores?
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. 2010/1/18 06:46
am-pm is one of many C-store chains, and as I said before, they may sell them, but I've never needed to look for them.The two areas you are staying in are not good for supermarkets or drug stores.

In Tokyo, there are plenty of C-stores near your hotel, including a number of am-pm stores. There is even a Circle K in the hotel building.If you go to Google Maps and type in the zip (100-6277) you will see them on the map as little icons.If that fails, you will need to find a drug store. Sadly, I can't find anything in the area. It might be that some of the department store in Ginza will have a section that sells them.

In Kyoto there seems to be nothing in the area of your hotel. I know there are some drug stores north of Kawaramachi station on Kawaramachi Dori, at least one of them on the east side of the street.

Failing that, just keep a lookout for drug stores in any shopping areas you should be in.

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