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Cheap supermarket in Tokyo 2010/1/18 21:31
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi everyone! I am just arrived in Ikebukuro and found very useful information about cheap supermarkets in Tokyo here on the forum, I also found a Hanamasa not far from JR ikebukuro station, but I'd like to try also bigger ones outside central Tokyo. I have tried to search for Daiei, Jusco, etc. as you suggested, but everything is in Kanji so I'm asking your help! Do you know any cheap supermarket on the following train and metro lines: JR saikyo, JR shonan-shinjuku, seibu ikebukuro line, tobu tojo line, metro maronouchi, fukutoshin and yourakucho line? Many many thanks!
by Nabiki (guest)  

. 2010/1/19 15:15
OK is about the cheapest supermarket I've been to in Japan. Check them out here:
by . (guest) rate this post as useful

Akabane 2010/1/19 22:06
In Akabane there is an Ito Yokado right across the street from the JR station, and a block or two away there is a Seiyu and a Daiei. All three are fairly sizable though not huge. There is also a shopping arcade that has a pretty good okashi shop and an osozai shop.
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

Oh, and a Daiso, too 2010/1/19 22:36
I forgot to mention that Akabane also has a pretty good Daiso (100-yen shop). Not the biggest, but pretty big. Either in the arcade (on the station end) or just outside it, I can't remember.
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

Thank you! 2010/1/20 18:31
Many thanks for your help!!!
by Nabiki (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2010/1/21 02:51
There's a Seiyu right next to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. It's small but food is food.

Not sure what you mean by "cheap" if you want to shop cheap the best thing is at any supermarket is show up around closing time, as many perishable items will be on sale, typically 20-50% discounts for meats, and perishable items. I usually show up 30-45mins before closing because if I show up too late all the good stuff is already taken.

Shopping around 8-9pm isn't bad too, they usually have meats at 10percent or so off as well. Depends on the shops though.
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