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How to rent container of ship or plane? 2010/1/18 22:31
I want to rent container of ship or plane.
Where to contact to search for the rent of the destinations?
please help

by novemberainjp  

More info 2010/1/19 13:15
I can't quite understand your question. Are you wanting to send some goods via ship or air to another country, or are you wanting to hire a container to store some goods. Please provide more information and perhaps we can help you.
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. 2010/1/19 14:14
I guess your question is related to another post about starting export business on your own.

When you're exporting something as a business, you do not "rent" containers or planes. You just use the space and pay the freight cost to a shipping company or airliner.
Normally transportation (logistics) is taken care of by an international forwarder.
You can also ask them to arrange the process of exportation (i.e. customs clearance, preparing the shipping documents).

I do not know if you already have prospective customers or agents for your business, but I must say without any knowledge about export/import, it is very dangerous to start a business.
You can find a book or two on export/import business at a bookshop, you have to learn the basics and see the feasibility before considering to start a business by yourself.
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