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Where can I buy Copic Markers in Osaka? 2010/1/21 00:59
Osaka City
I know a store that sells them for cheap but it is a used only store and they don't have all the colours I need.

Do anyone know a store in Japan, hopefully in Osaka where I can buy them?

I can't read the Japanese website yet, so I am not sure.

Thank you!
by shiriya  

some stores 2010/1/21 13:54
I found some stores from this website.

1.TOKYU HANDS Shinsaibashi-ten 7F
3-4-12 Minamisenba Chuo ward Osaka city

2.KAWACHI Shinsaibashi Honten
1-8-1 Shinsaibashisuji Chuo ward Osaka city

3.KAWACHI Abeno Hoop-ten 5F
1-2-30 Abenosuji Abeno ward Osaka city

and some other stores are exist if you want to know more.
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Loft 2010/1/23 21:06
Loft stores carry them too, though I believe the selection is rather limited. Lofts are all over the place, and pretty large and easy to find. I know of one in Umeda, and another in the shopping mall behind the Hoop mall with the mini Kawachi the previous poster mentioned. It's called "Abeno AND."

If you go to Kawachi, definitely choose the Shinsaibashi store. It's HUGE! The Hoop store is just a satellite and might not carry everything available. Good luck! :)
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