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Japanese name for a man in his 50s? 2010/1/21 05:38
I'm working on a story and one of the main character's best friends is Japanese. I have her friend's name, but I don't know what to name her father, and he will be featured in the story, so he needs a name. What were popular Japanese names in the 1950's/60's? Thanks for any help you can offer!
by Athena (guest)  

Was the #1 2010/1/21 17:48
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good name 2010/1/21 21:52
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. 2010/1/22 05:20
How about Hideki, Shigeru. Tetsuya, Makoto and Satoshi? I remember I had classmates with those names.
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another one 2010/1/22 08:56
Hiroaki is my father in law's name, and he is about the right age (early 50s rather than 60s though).
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