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where to buy a yukata during February 2010/1/21 21:20
I am planning to go to Japan during February and I was wanted to buy a yukata for my sister as a souvenir.
But a yukata is something worn during the Summer, so I was wondering if I would be encountering a big difficulty in finding one...
Where would be the best place to look?
I heard the ones in Airports are pieces from China and fairly overprized.
Looking for something around 2000-5000 yen...

by JK (guest)  

Yukata 2010/1/22 11:14
Depending on where you are going in Japan, you can find a Duty Free Shop which often carry those "souvenir" style yukata's, or you could try a "textile center/factory".

There's a famous one in Kyoto that makes kimono's and yukata from silk and cotton by hand using a loom.
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Yukata in Tokyo 2010/1/23 02:01
Ooh thanks for answering so quickly :)
But I will be in Tokyo area, not really going to Kyoto this trip.

Do you think it'll be hard to find one in Tokyo?
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Seasonal Issues 2010/1/24 07:13
I think the first poster is right. I don't know about Tokyo, but another large city, Osaka, tends to run pretty strictly seasonal with most items meant for natives. You could certainly order online if you were at all familiar with Japanese, but otherwise you might end up stuck buying a fakey at a touristy place.

IMHO, for a good yukata you're going to want to spend a bit more money anyway. Some of the nicest ones I've seen run for around 10,000 yen and up, and that was even out of a shop in a crappy shoutengai. Just a personal preference, though. The more pricy ones tend to have more vibrant patterns and a nicer color palette. It's too bad you're not going to be around in late Springtime - it's a buyer's market, then! Nearly everyone's got them. :) Good luck on the hunt!
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Yukata in Tokyo 2010/1/24 10:36
Try Hayashi Kimono, in the International Arcade. The Arcade itself is located underneath the JR line, near to the Imperial Hotel. IIRC, we accessed it by exiting at the Hibiya station near the Toho twin towers. They sell modern and vintage kimono, and had a selection of Yukata as well at fairly reasonable prices.

The sales staff spoke excellent English as well.
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Yukata 2010/1/24 19:14
Thanks for the information!!!
I'll give it a try there ^_^
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Try Asakusa 2010/1/25 09:13
Try Asakusa Kannon -- there are MANY stores there that sell traditional Japanese clothes in many size. They also sell other types of Japanese clothes like warm jackets (hantaren? I forgot what they are called), geta, etc.

Otherwise you could try Oriental Bazaar which is sort of in between Harajuku and Omotesando! I think the ones in Asakusa are better though.
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Also 2010/1/27 09:32
Yesterday I was in the Sunshine 60 building in Ikebukuro. On one of the floors (not a basement one, something like floor 1 or 2) is a kimono shop with a sign in English that indicated they sold "summer yukatas." It is now the end of January, so I think you can find some there. The lady in the shop at the time was really nice and spoke a little English.
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