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Happi coat? 2010/1/22 07:11
Some years ago I went to Niigata and there you could buy something to put on to keep you warm. ItLs like a jacket. It looks a little like a happi coat. Can you buy such a lovely thing in Tokyo also and what is it called in japanese?
I hope someone can help me with an answer!

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hanten 2010/1/22 11:24
Are you thinking of a hanten? Its kinda like a happi although styled more like a padded haori.


I see them all the time at department stores and home centers and I think they're relatively inexpensive, around 3000-5000 yen.
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on-line stores 2010/1/22 19:14
Does anyone know any on-line stores that will ship internationally (particularly australia).

I would really love to get ones for my kids again this winter as they have grown out of the ones they were given as gifts.
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site ) 2010/1/22 19:16
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Asakusa 2010/1/27 09:35

I went to Asakusa and found the very same coat you were just talking about for 3100 -- I am going to buy one for myself today! They gave me a business card (I didn't have the money that day, and planned on going back) and that web address was printed on it.

The store is called SUZUYA. They had many coats in many sizes, I am sure you can find one for yourself and your children.
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