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Film cameras (medium format and 35mm) 2010/1/22 15:22
Hello there !
I really like Japan and I'm planning to visit this beautiful country as soon as I can !
I have some question about old cameras and lenses. This second-hand articles are my obsession)))
Where can i buy this items in japan?
I mean where can i buy it for normal price ? (not like for tourist)
And one more questions.... Is this staff still popular in Japan? Or It something old fashion ?)
Thanks for answering )
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Secondhand photography stores 2010/1/23 12:11
There are numerous secondhand photography stores around Japan. Some of them will specialise in Medium Format and some in 35mm. You will often find them grouped together in certain pockets of the city.

Japanese are famous for their love of photography so the pricing will not always be bargain basement but there is usually a very good range of gear in very good condition.

A few places to try in Tokyo are Map Camera in Shinjuku on the west side of the station, they are near the big Yodobashi store.

Also Fujiya Camera in Nakano, one express stop on the train west of Shinjuku, have a good range of quality gear. They are only a short walk out of the North exit of the station

Cross Point Cameras in Omori is another good option to try. About 5 minutes walk from the station.

You should be able to find maps to these places on their websites or by using google. If you get stuck post back and I'll detail a bit more.

If you want to look in Osaka there are a few places near JR Osaka station. Head out the south exit, you should be able to see the Hilton Hotel in front and to your right a bit across the road. Head around the right hand side of the Hilton Hotel and keep heading south. On the next block there are then a group of four high rise buildings which have camera shops on the ground floors. These buildings are all on your left. You should also be able to see the "Maru biru" (Round Building). The four high rise buildings are just to the south of the Round Building. The four are known as Osaka Dai-ichi, Dai-ni, Dai-san, and Dai-yon.

You should be able to see where I am talking about on http://wikimapia.org/#lat=34.6998219&lo...

There is a huge range across the stores in that area of Osaka, as some of the small ones are quite specialised.

Hope that helps! :)
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Re: 2010/1/23 22:38

list of used camera shops in tokyo

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Moved 2010/1/24 11:35
Just bear in mind the ASB list is quite old and a number of the shops have relocated now.
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Naniwa Camera 2010/1/28 16:41
I was in Kyoto the other day and came across Naniwa Camera which had a good selection of used cameras in all formats. The prices and selection were pretty good and they seem to have branches in Osaka and Tokyo as well.

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