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Making a wish on christmas/new years 2010/1/23 12:56
A Japanese friend of mine told me that on (christmas or new year's i forgot) he and his family would go to a shrine and make a wish. he told me about this along time ago. i lost contact with him, and for some reason it has been on my mind a lot. does anyone know details on this? is this a religious thing or a custom? or is this just something his family did?
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New Year 2010/1/24 13:37
It's new year you were thinking of, Christmas eve is more like another Valentines day with lots of couples going out for meals together. New Year's eve on the other hand is very traditional family thing, where you eat traditional food, and then go to the shrine to hear the 108 (I think) bell chimes and pray for luck for the next year. Hoped this helped!
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108 Chimes 2010/1/26 00:14
The 108 Chimes, performed in most Buddhist temples (I doubt any Shinto shrines do this) at New Year's Eve, represent the 108 earthly crimes and the release from them. Naturally, people want to make New Year's resolutions after listening to the chimes.
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