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Prices in Shinjuku/Harajuku/Shibuya? 2010/1/23 22:09

I'm planning on doing a good bit of shopping whilst in Tokyo, and would really like to know how much I should expect to be spending.

• How much do clothes/shoes usually cost in neighbourhoods such as Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya?
• Do the three neighbourhoods above carry different styles of clothing (and how do they differ)?
• Are there any particular shops, or other neighbourhoods, you would recommend? My preference is for young, funky/polished and reasonably priced (but well made!) items.

So far, just La Foret, Cat Street and Shibuya 109 are on my list as specific places to go.

Thanks! :)
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Harajuku and Shibuya 2010/1/25 09:16
In Shibuya 109 and Harajuku Takeshita-dori, the clothes are (in my opinion, for J-clothes anyway) really cheap. Outside of that is when it gets expensive! There is a Marui in Shinjuku, which I think the prices are OK at places, sometimes cheaper than 109. I went to Isetan which is much more expensive but they have a larger size range.

If you are in Tokyo TODAY the 25th, you could brave the La Foret Grand Bazaar which is absolutely insane but full of clothes on sale.
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How much is "cheap"? 2010/1/25 20:19
Thanks, MN! How I wish I were in Tokyo for the La Foret bazaar....

Just for reference, how much do you mean by "cheap"? I.e. how much should a well-made, cool (new) top cost? How about a dress or a jacket?

A range is OK. I'm trying to get a point of reference, so I can tell whether something's about average, a good deal, or waaaaay to expensive.

For example, in the US, trendy tops cost an average of $70-$120 (or as low as $30-$60 on sale).

btw, just found out about Ura-Hara, and it sounds fantastic! Where exactly is this neighbourhood? Which streets does it include?
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Ura-Harajuku 2010/1/25 21:52
I agree that Takeshita-dori carry clothes in cheap prices, but they are also cheap in quality. If it were in Harajuku, I would recommend the so-called Ura-Harajuku (meaning "backstreet Harajuku") district which, coming from Harajuku Station, are the streets one block further from the avenue Meiji Dori.

Teeshan, you should also tell us whether you're looking for men's or women's items.

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Well made... hmm。。。。 2010/1/27 09:30
If you want more well made clothes, I have to suggest going to the Sunshine 60 building in Ikebukuro (I know you wanted to concentrate on Shinjuku and Harajuku but Ikebukuro cannot be missed!). I went there yesterday and there were many sales. They had all kinds of clothing ranges and prices as well. There are at least three massive floors of clothing to choose from!
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thanks, and more info 2010/1/29 13:30
Thanks for all the help! I'll definitely look into Sunshine 60 and UraHarajuku in addition to Cat Street and Shibuya. Any other places?

• Also, what are each of the areas' specialities? Just so I know where to look for specific things. E.g. Takeshita Dori (Harajuku) - clothing for women, cheap prices, mediocre quality (?)

Uco, good quality stuff is definitely what I'm looking for. Doesn't need to be Balenciaga or Chanel, but it does have to be a bit better than Gap or Forever 21 (something along the standards of JCrew, FCUK, Zara, Mango/MNG).

I'm looking for women's wear that's trendy and funky, but chic. However, I do prefer slightly more sleek, androgynous accessories. Any other good locations you can point me to would be much appreciated!
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Oh, I love shopping! 2010/2/1 11:28
As most people have been saying, it does really depend what you are looking for.

Harajuku is rather cheap but it all depends on what you are shopping for and what your style is. Especially there as if it is young and hip, then they stock it.

However, Harajuku is also home of a lot of little hidden designers. There is SexPot Revenge (a street punk sort of style) tucked away in a back street and they are amazing. You would be looking at about 35AUD for a t-shirt, 90AUD for a punk rock bag. I paid 70AUD for a funky hat and love it to death.

Then there is also Closet Child, which sells new and second hand Vivienne Westwood goods. Obviously a lot more expensive, but still at good bargains for those designer addicts like myself.

When in Shinjuku, Alta Studio is a must. It is an entire 8 or 9 story shopping complex aimed at trendy, chic, young women and god, it is easy to waste hours in there. I walked out with some of the best jewelery, bags, shoes, and even really good quality, human hair extensions. Prices are good; it is not cheap, but not over priced either. It was one of the few places that you pretty much get what your money's worth. LOTS of clothing stores!

There was also this other store that I loved in Shinjuku but I can't remember the name of it. I remember that it was one street level shop with two basement levels and basically it sells clothes and accessories for all the Hosts of Kabukicho. It is mainly targeted to males, but you said you were looking for androgynous stuff; this is the place to be. It was somewhere near the main gate to the Red Light District and I am pretty sure that it was on the corner of a street in front of Starbucks at Shinjuku Station. I know we left Starbucks (Japan has horrible coffee) and then it was the first place we went into after that.

It had amazing clothes (a small but awesome section for women) and some guys jackets that were so damn fitted that even I wanted them. Lots of belts and bling and wrists cuffs and whatnot. I had my eye on a stunning leather jacket there (think it was about 100AUD) but they didn't have a medium size.

So yeah, if you can find that place it is well worth the effort. Everything looked well made and 'expensive' but as said, it was a place for the Hosts to shop, so it wasn't overpriced.

Anyway, hope that helped a little.
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Shinjuku 2010/2/1 18:32
In my opinion, if you prefer something like Zara or Mango/MNG, Shinjuku is more interesting than Harajuku or Shibuya. They are mainly for teenages. I like Takashimaya in Shinjuku.
Also I personally like Burberry blue label but that's not quite cheap at all. (But the design is more colorful than the red label one and also the price is cheaper.)
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