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Engraving in Tokyo 2010/1/25 10:52
Does anyone know of a place in Tokyo where I can have small gift items engraved with the receivers' initials? I am thinking about metal objects such as a nice pen, the back of a watch, or cufflinks.

Minato-ku or Chiyoda-ku would be preferable. I planned on buying the items elsewhere and only having them engraved at the store. If it's common that a stationary store or some sort of chain store like Tokyu Hands or Bic camera offers engraving, I could change my plans and buy the item(s) there.

I speak enough Japanese to discuss prices and how long the services will take with the shop owner, so it does not matter to me if no one at the shop speaks English. I just don't know what type of shops might offer this service (or the Japanese word for engraving :) ! )

Thanks very much!
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. 2010/1/25 13:46
I do not know any shops specialized in engraving, but if you're thinking about a pen, most deparment stores (stationary section) would do for you. Try the department stores in Ginza or Nihonbashi. (Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, Matsuzakaya, Hankyu, etc.)
You can also ask about it at Itoya in Ginza, it's a huge shop specialized stationary and I'm sure they can do the engraving on the pen you buy there.
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... 2010/1/25 13:49
In Japan many stationery shops do name engraving, but ONLY for those items bought there. You could try Tokyu Hands (there is one shop in Ginza, another in Shinjuku, as well as Shibuya and other locations), Ito-ya stationer (in Ginza), or any stationery section of department stores :)

"Putting in name" would be "na-ire" service. Or you could say "Purezento de, inisharu wo iretai no desu." (It's a gift, and I want to to have initials put in.)
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Thanks very much 2010/1/25 17:07
Thank you both! I'm familiar with most of these shops/department stores, so I'll check their pen selections.

AK - wow, easier than I thought - I didn't realize that initial would be recognized as a katakana vocabulary :)
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