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One-A-Day Calendar? 2010/1/25 11:44
A Japanese client is coming to visit me soon and she's asked what I'd like from Japan. I honestly would really like a 2010 one-a-day calendar that's in Japanese (I don't really care about the subject, I'd just like something short and unique to translate every day as part of my study.) These are common for desktops in America, but I don't know if they're common in Japan. Also, calendars are often sold at half price through atleast January in America.
Could you tell me if this would be an easy request to her, and what they're called in Japanese? Otherwise, I'd be open to other suggestions. Thanks!
by Pirika  

... 2010/1/25 13:33
They are called "hi-mekuri karendaa." "hi-mekuri" is like "turn a page a day."

You may have to be pretty specific about it - there are some that are VERY plain; the day and the week of the day, and that's it; there are some that have kanji a day (but they tend to be difficult kanjis to begin with), or a proverb a day with explanation, horoscope (based on Chinese counting) for each day, etc., but as those are intended for locals, the text tends to be pretty complicated unless you are quite fluent in the language. We don't really have the pretty desktop ones that have, let's say, one cartoon a day, though "cat-a-day" and "dog-a-day" are common.

So... overall, I'd say that's something you can ask a friend on the basis of "it would be nice if you can find one, but if not, forget about it." But to a client... unless she's halfway like a friend, I don't know.... If you tell her it's OK you can't read it, you just want to have something Japanese, or something like it, that would be OK.

Try image search with: 日めくりカレンダー to see the photos that come up :)
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ah 2010/1/26 12:37
Ah, I guess I should leave it alone for now then. Thanks for your speedy and informative reply!
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