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Japanese futon in Australia? 2010/1/26 22:26
I've just recently returned from Japan and really miss the futons I used while there. I'd like that convenience (not to mention nostalgia!) again. In any case, I have only been able to find the western-style, bulkier and basically non-fold-able futon-sofa beds here in Australia. This also usually comes with a (in my mind, totally unnecessary) bed-base!
In any case, I live in Melbourne. If any one can help me get my hands on a single-size traditional Japanese style futon, with the bottom mattress base (shikibuton) and the quilted cover (kakebuton), that hopefully isn't that expensive and is (by some miracle!) locally-available, I'd be ever grateful!


by Andrew (guest)  

Japanache 2010/7/25 00:56
Try Japanache
They are based in Sydney but will deliver to Melbourne.
I believe they are the only place in Australia that sells authentic Japanese futons.
Hope this helps.
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I have a good shop for you 2010/9/2 00:29

Look at the web shop :

It is genuine Japanese futon like in Onsen-Ryoken. You can also find all the traditional bedding.

Hope you will find your content.
Have a good day.
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found it! 2010/9/4 17:04
Bonnie, great I was looking for that as well.
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