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compilation CD 2010/1/27 12:00
Good day

Here in Canada we have a compilation CD series, rock genre, call Big Shiny Tunes (among others). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Shiny_Tunes
Basically itfs a CD that takes the 18, or so, top rock band with their current ghot songh and packages it so the consumer can see a wide range of artist.

I was wondering if someone could tell me what is the Japanese equivalent(s) CD line. I have a friend who will be going to Tokyo, this summer, and would like him to pick up a couple CDfs for me.

Doing some quick research I found Fresh Cuts from Japan (volume 2), witch does independent artist, and SAPPORO CITY JAZZ, not fan of Jazz but another series CD that has the idea that Ifm looking for.

Thank you for your time
by Pouliot (guest)  

CD shops know best 2010/1/27 15:15

As it is so in other countries like UK and US, there are numerous compilation CDs released in Japan.

Just let your friend go up to a clerk at a CD shop and say the words, "compilation CD, various Japanese artists, your recommendation" and they will fetch some for you.
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