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What is T T point card? 2010/1/27 14:19
I see everywhere advert about this card, can anyone tell me what it is and what is it for? Thank you!
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T Card? 2010/1/27 15:28

Is this what you're talking about?

It's called "T Card" and it's just another "point card." This one is issued by Tsutaya which is a major DVD/CD rental shop. You see branches everywhere.

If you present this card at shops with the logo, they will give you "points" depending on the price you paid upon shopping. You can use these points to get deduction on future shopping. 1 point is worth 1 yen.

To have a card issued, go to a Tsutaya shop and present your ID such as your foreign registration card. Needless to say, the advantage of this card is that there are so many shops that issue points for you. You are also likely to be able to have a credit card issued so that you will have the choice of either using cash or card upon shopping for/with points.
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Thank you for your reply! 2010/1/28 15:56
Thanks for your reply! It is very clear! How can I get discount after gathering some points? Do I have to say something in particular in Japanese? I am searching info about point cards in English but cannot find anything! Thank you!
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Other points card 2010/1/28 16:06
Points can be used only for purchasing in Tsutaya or somewhere else? I am looking also for information about Dotour Card and Labi card in English, can anyone advise? Arigatou!!!!
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. 2010/1/28 16:23

As I wrote previously, points can be issued and used at most places you see the T Card logo. At some places you can also exchange T Cards points with the points that place originally issues.

The following is a list of shops, theaters and restaurants etc. that accept T Cards. I'm sure many of the logos of shops etc. are familiar to you. As you can see, some places only issue points (the piggy icon), some only let you use points (hand icon) and some only exchange points (circle-T logo).

But what I do is I just ask the clerk, "T Point tsukae masuka? (Can I use T Card points?)" or just hand them my card and say "Point tame masu. (I want to have points issued on my card.)" If they say "No," then I just know that they don't provide that service.

I'm not familiar with Doutor or Labi Cards, but generally speaking, point cards work similarly, except that most cards only let you collect/use points at their own branchs. Perhaps you can go to a relatively large branch where a lot of foreign customers are expected and ask for more details in English.
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