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450D price in japan (hiroshima) 2010/1/27 19:19
hello, hope you can help me find the current price for Canon EOS Kiss Digital x2 japan 450d

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canon kiss x2 2010/1/27 19:32
The canon kiss x2 is available for around 50000 yen for the 18-55mm lens kit. Note that the newer x3 is also available for between 60000-80000 yen for the same kit.
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45000 Yen 2010/1/27 19:44
thanks for your rep

i have a budget of 45000 yen.i saw this site, is this true? i cant read these text...
its ok for me to have a 2nd hand DSLR. Can somebody help me find one with this budget?
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How about this? 2010/1/27 20:59
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kiss x2 2010/1/28 11:28

The site you are looking at is an auction site, so the prices will tend to be higher than what you are looking at. Also, you will not be able to purchase anything over 5000 yen from yahoo auctions without first registering with a Japanese credit card.

Do you want to buy just the body, or including lenses? There are currently 3 versions available of that camera: just the body with no lenses, including 1 lens (18-55mm), and including 2 lenses (18-55, and 55-250m).

Used x2's with the 1 lens kit start at around 42000 yen.
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Hiroshima_denki 2010/2/3 16:23
I am planning to buy the kit with 1-2 lenses. Can you suggest where in hiroshima can I find a good deal? pre-owned is also welcome.

thanks in advance
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Try BIC 2010/2/4 20:33
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