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Identifying a Japanese vase 2010/1/28 04:04
Hi -

I recently received what I was told to be an antique Japanese Vase - please see

Can anyone help me in identifying the mark or if this vase is indeed Japanese and an antique?

by Lost in Translation2010 (guest)  

Since no one seems to be reponding 2010/1/31 00:10
I'm not at all an expert, but to me it seems like a poor drawing of Japanese people and false symbols that look like the letter "right" and "up" but is not. I hope I'm wrong. But at least the mark is definately not letters used in Japan.
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Consult An Expert 2010/1/31 09:33
The marking is not written by Japanese, but very poor duplication by the Westerner. That person attempted to mislead it as the Satsuma vase.Additionally the colors are too polished.
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. 2010/1/31 11:31
I agree. The picture looks like a copy, perhaps from different sources. Also there is not seal by, supposedly, the name of the artist. The vase itself looks rather like a factory made. It is worth to consult an expert if you bought it.
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