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Electric help 2010/1/29 06:53
Hi - I know very little about electronics. Can someone tell me if I can plug-in my standard Ipod (I'm in California) when I reach Japan. I have read and know that the plug types are the same and I know that the US is 110 and Japan is 100, so not knowing what that means to me, my question is: If I plug-in my Ipod in Japan, will it fry it? Sorry if this is soemthing basic that I have missed!
by Mahid001  

ipod 2010/1/29 09:44
It isn't a problem. Just plug it in using the charger supplied with you ipod just as you would at home.
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... 2010/1/30 03:53
The previous answer is correct. But just in case you bring other electric devices (battery charger, hairdrier etc) with you the best way to see if the device is save in the country you want to use it: check the writing on the adapter for the specific device. It should give a voltage range for save use. Also it should give a frequency range. But this is less often a problem (unless you want to use it in an aircraft!)
Have a nice trip.
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Thanks 2010/1/30 06:25
Thank you both, I appreciate it!
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