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Buying a jewel to my girlfriend 2010/1/29 07:52
Hello, I would like to buy a necklace and pendant for my Japanese gf.
Can you give me some websites with some popular jewel styles ?
She is 31, living in tokyo and describing herself as a sophisticated girl.
From my point of view, she is not really a strict person in a matter of clothes. She likes classical but modern style, but I don't want to buy her a present that would made her look too mature.

My range of price is 10000/20000 jpy.

Thank you if you can send me some links that can allow me to have an idea of the current trends.
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rakuten for sure 2010/1/29 15:06
The best site for online shopping is rakuten.co.jp

They have thousands of necklace, rings etc. , but you`d better decide brand what you are looking for in advance (otherwise you gonna spend some 10 hours just checking all options they have).

You can just go to rakuten.co.jp, chose ジュエリー腕時計 and have a look what they have.

I got loads of amazing Gucci and D&G stuff with their help!
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thanks 2010/2/2 07:13
Thank u !

This website is impressive and also translated in english.

I'm afraid that it's too complicated for me to make a choice. Could I have a few examples of jewels choosen by some girls from tokyo, classical style, age around 30 (in rakuten or any other website).

I'm also wondering what kind of other beauty-related present could be offered to a j-girl (she allready have a lot of perfume).

Thank you ^^
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presents 2010/2/2 11:50
Well, it`s a bit hard to select for someone whom I don`t know, so I would just guess that as all Japanese girls your lady loves brands as well.

Have you noticed what accessories is she wearing (brand-wise)? Gucci, Lui Vuitton, D&G, Prada, Tiffani, Cartier, Coach etc.? If you are not sure what brand exactly she prefers and you would like to give her something not very expensive, I would have checked out some jewelry from Coach or Gucci.

As for other presents, it is normal to give to a j-girl a bag (Lui Vuitton one is highly praised and all the girls whom I know are daydreaming about getting such present from their bf), watch, make-up related things (eye-shadows, lipstick etc.), wallet, mp3 player (Ipod touch, if she loves music), new model of cells phone - there are a plenty of things you can give her :-)

Good luck!
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jewerly 2010/2/3 08:04

Her favorite area of Tokyo is Ginza, so you're right ^^

I really would like to buy her a jewel, but I'm afraid that all those brands are more expensive that what I can afford, and she is aware of that. Maybe Coach can be ok..

I'm however frightening to make a wrong choice, since it's also a matter of personnal taste.

Thanks for your help, I was even not knowing the brands : coach, Tiffany, and it's helping me to see the trendy japanese style.

Do you think that it's more important for a j-girl to get a present that is from a famous brand, than getting a present that is maybe not from a famous brand, but that is not easy to find in japan. In my country, the girls want to have the jewerly that the other girls won't have.

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... 2010/2/3 08:31
My guess (as a Japanese woman over 40) at that age around 30 she might want something "real," if you know what I mean. The problem with Gucci, Coach, etc. is that the "material" used in their jewelry is not real gold (or they will be *very* expensive). So... if you are thinking of jewelry, I might suggest Tiffany "silver" pendant/necklace. It is not gold, but it's not just "gold color" either, and I do see young couples flocking to Tiffany's shops in Tokyo soon before Christmas :) I'm not saying they are inexpensive, and I'm not saying that they are particularly trendy, but they do have modern designs at relatively affordable prices, and no woman really dislikes Tiffany's, I'd say.

What a girl wants from her boyfriend is really of personal matter - but I would appreciate anything that the boyfriend puts a lot of energy and time and heart into selecting the one for her :) I don't know where you are, but if you select something from your country and like you say something "other girls don't have," I'm sure that would be appreciated :)
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difficult choice 2010/2/3 08:58
Ohayo AK,

I was watching Tiffany's website when I saw your reply.

I perfectly understand what you mean by ''real'' thing. She is no longer a teenager and she want some serious jewels.
I'm seeing an affordable necklace. It's a classical and very simple design. I see a lot of other interresting items, but I can't buy them.

Spending hours to seek for the right item is what I'm doing since a few days, and I must say that I'm confused because I asked their opinions to some girls from several countries about some jewels ( using YahooQR) and ANY of the girls is saying the same thing !!!

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