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Send Wine/Alcohol back to my country 2010/1/29 14:00
Hi there,
Could someone be so kind to advise me, is it possible to send back wine/alcohol back to singapore?

Example: If I'm to buy a few bottles of alcohol from Hakone and I want to post it back to singapore, is it possible to be done?

Will I be tax by either by japan to singapore if i'm to post it back as parcel?

Thank you...
by trumpet  

. 2010/1/29 18:14
All Japanese taxes would be paid at time of purchase, you would need to check with your local customs department to check if there is any ban on alcohol entering the country via the mail. When you mail the parcel from Japan you will be required to fill out a simple customs form,whatever duty and taxes would then be collected either at the time of delivery or you may be required to pay this charge in advance. Failure to declare the alcohol could lead to confiscation of the entire parcel.
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customs limits 2010/1/30 13:10
I don't know about the legality of posting alcohol, but Singapore Customs' limit is 1 litre of wine OR spirits brought into the country. Anything above that you will have to pay the usual duty, and this is likely to be the case if you are posting it as well.

You can confirm this by doing an internet search for "Singapore duty free limits" or similar if you like.
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Thank you. 2010/1/30 23:40
I see.. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciated it.
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