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Tall Clothing (men's) in Tokyo? 2010/1/30 19:00
Tokyo 23-ku
I was just wondering where to find some decent tall-men's clothing here in Tokyo (preferably in the Shibuya region (SW).

I have gone to places like Uniqlo, but always have a difficult time. It doesn't help that my arms are unnaturally long anyways (even having trouble back in the US).

But just thought I'd check. I really like the winter coat styles here and want to get one if at all possible, it just has to be long enough (and not huge in chest/stomach).
by Erik (guest)  

clothing 2010/1/31 14:14
I'm 6foot 6" and I had the same problem. Its really just a matter of picking and choosing. There seem to be very few "Big and Tall" shops catering to us, so you're only real bet is to shop around.

Buy a shirt here, pants over there, etc.

You could try to find a coat with the right size arm length and either tailor the chest, or buy another coat that fits your chest and have someone tailor the arms from the first coat onto the chest of the second.
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