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returning a call 2010/2/3 20:23
What is the polite way to return a call in Japanese- to say, for example, "I had a missed call from so and so and was calling back"?
by KK (guest)  

. 2010/2/4 17:43

First, of course, you say your name,
"KK to moushimasu."
and then you can say,
"(so and so's name)-sama kara o-denwa o itadaita you nan desuga, irasshaimasuka?"

Hope it helps.
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you could say.. 2010/2/4 17:54

sakihodo odennwa wo itadakimashita watakushi
``(your name)to moushimasuga,``(name who you'd like to talk to) sama or san irasshaimasuka?

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