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Body hair in manga, etc. 2010/2/5 15:08
I'm reading an artist's notes on a manga she drew. At one point, she discusses how she considered giving one character arm and chest hair but decided against it because the manga was to be published in a shounen magazine.

Is there a cultural issue behind the artist's decision, or is it simply an idiosyncracy on her part? Would the target audience for a shounen manga magazine be a factor? The character is never even shown without a shirt, and the story has no remotely sexual content.

Thanks for any insight.

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hair 2010/2/6 10:46
In some instances, many Japanese males do not have what could be considered a large quantity of body hair, and so the "hairless" look is more because of that fact.

The Shounen genre also has a lack of body hair, because shounen characters are usually pre-pubescent to early adolescence, when body hair growth would be minimal.
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