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Tokyo book store 2010/2/5 18:40
Hi, friends

I'm going to visit Tokyo Japan in early March. This is my first trip to this beautiful country. I'll stay there for two days. What I mainly want to see are books, some cute gifts, stationery for girls, and may visit some local food stalls around Tokyo streets. Any one here can recommend a few big book stores for me? As many as possible,

Thank you in advance!

by williamlinwh  

Book shops? 2010/2/6 06:46
Hi There is one outside Tokyo station
south side across road and down to your right a bit (same side as Sony building).
It is called Yaseu bookshop and is on a
corner with a coffee bar above entrance.
English books on 8 th floor.
Also south entrance/exit of Shinjuku station
and down walk way on left side of the southern terrace past Tokyo hands.Forgot name but again books on 8 th floor for English.
I normally print maps from "JNTO" site which have shops etc marked.
Where you stay may be able to help as well.
Also check out such books as Lonely Planet etc for maps and layouts.
Good luck.
ps Books are much cheaper there then here in NZ.
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Kinokuniya 2010/2/6 09:39
The Shinjuku book shop that small town boy mentions is called Kinokuniya- I go there often and I have an idea that the English books are on the 6th floor rather than the 8th, but double check that. In any case it is the top floor of the Kinokuniya building. You can get there most easily by walking through Takashimaya Times Square from the New South Exit or Southern Terrace Exit of Shinjuku station to Tokyu Hands, and then following the connection bridge (covered in) from the Takashimaya building to Kinokuniya.

I believe there are connection bridges on the 5th and 3rd floors of Takashimaya but you might want to confirm that as well.
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Maruzen 2010/2/7 08:16
There's a big Maruzen bookstore in the Oazo building not far from the Marunouchi exit of Tokyo station. English books are on the 4th floor.
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confirm 2010/2/7 08:42
I was at Kinokuniya yesterday- it is the 6th floor for English books. You can access it from Yoyogi station or the 5th floor of Takashimaya coming from Shinjuku station.
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... 2010/2/7 11:35
Tower Records in Shibuya has a floor of English books, I think it's the top floor. For cute gifts and stationary check out Kiddy Land in Harajuku, but avoid it on weekends as it is really busy. There is another good toy store in Ueno just outside the station near the entrance to Ameyoko.
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. 2010/2/7 14:38
Since you wanted to see some books, but not specifically mentioning English books.

So for Japanese book, I would go to Jimbocho Station area, this area is sort of known as "booktown" in Tokyo for its high concentration of book stores, used and new.
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Thank you for all of your answers 2010/2/8 19:47
Thank you for all of your answers. I also find some book stores, like Book off, KINOKUNIYA, Maruzen, SANSEIDO, Yaesu, Junkudo, Itoya 1. As I want there mainly to see Japanese books, as well as stationery and gifts. I hope I can see them together. Are those book store I mentioned above all not only selling books, but also some gifts and stationery?
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Gifts and Stationary 2010/2/8 20:06
For stationary and gifts, you could head to the (er, expensiveish) Itoya. There's a nine floor Itoya in Ginza. If you get lost, don't worry, there's a Koban sort of in the middle of the long ginza street.

I asked where Itoya was to a male police officer and he had NO idea what Itoya was (nor did my native Japanese friend, aged 25!), but a female officer one came long, gave me a map (in English), and directed me there.
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... 2010/2/9 04:29
Maruzen (see my comment above) has stationery. For stationery and gifts (but not books) also try Tokyu Hands inside Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku (see above) and Seibu Loft in Shibuya.
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