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Valentine's day chocolate for BF 2010/2/6 03:27
Can somebody explain me about Giri-choco and Honmei-choco? I know some details. I just confused and concerning that I would give to my BF a wrong one.

I plan to send him a chocolate but I'm really not good for chocolate making, so I want to buy him a luxury chocolate package. Do you think this is ok? Some of my friend give idea to buy him "Ferrero Rocher Chocholates" in heart shape, but I am not sure this is the Giri-choco one?

Can you please answer me or advise? Thanks!
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... 2010/2/6 12:14
"Giri" chocolate is those you give out of sense of obligation, let's say, to your colleagues in the office. This year Valentine's Day is on Sunday so many young women working in offices seem to be relieved that they don't have to buy their colleagues anything :) "Honmei" chocolate is the one you give to your "true love," so giving to your boyfriend belongs here. It's more about "with what feeling you give," rather than the specific kind of chocolate.

So you can't really point to a certain chocolate and tell "that one is supposed to be for *giri* and this one for the true love," the price would be somewhat indicative of the nature of the gift ... of course the lower the price, the more it might look like "giri."

In today's newspapers they were talking about what chocolates came in handy for "giri" chocolate or "just friends" chocolates, and they drew the line for those at maximum of 1,000 yen. So... if you are choosing one for your boyfriend, maybe you can look around at department stores' Valentine's Day special section, and see what they have "above" that price line.
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P. S. 2010/2/6 12:19
Ferrero Rocher chocolates nowadays are quite commonly available, even in convenience stores, so I don't know if that would really be considered "luxury" by now.
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just curious 2010/2/7 22:30
whats an example of a luxury chocolate?
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To AK 2010/2/7 23:02
Thank you so much for your wonderful information! :)

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chocolate 2010/2/8 08:04
As far as I know, it is not that clearly defined what brands are for giri-choco and what brands are for giving your boyfriend. I just asked my Japanese husband, who has no idea such a distinction exists, so I really doubt that your boyfriend will know either.
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not Ferrero 2010/2/12 03:38
"Ferrero Rocher is not a good idea. It's like Swarovsky jewels : they sell ordinary quality product but they communicate to make the people believe that it's a luxury product.

I recieved my chocolates from a j-girl yesterday and it's a really good quality.

Just go to a real chocolate shop that is not making chocolate using an industrial process, choose a beautifull package, and it should be ok.

It's better if you can find a special edition of chocolates that are only sold for v-day, or if you're not in japan, some chocolates of your country (I'm thinking of salty-butter chocolates for example).

Ah.. you don't need to send a huge amount of chocolates.
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example 2010/2/12 03:41
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V-day chocolate 2010/2/12 08:47
My first Valentines day with my Japanese boyfriend (we are now married), I gave him Dragonball Z chocolates from the kiddy section. He loved it (he's a grown-up, but still loves Dragonball) hee So I stick to the kiddy section every year, and he can't wait to see what I picked out for Feb 14. It's a fun little tradition, so I guess it just depends on the couple, and how important actual "luxury" chocolates would be to him. :)
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... 2010/2/15 00:11
Thanks everyone! :)
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I'd need all comment! 2010/2/15 03:15
This is very useful information however can anyone tell me.

I plan to send a chocolate to my sweety in Japan but unfortunately he is now on business trip since last Friday to Europe and come back again next week.

At the initial I planed to send him on Valentine's day by delivery online service in Japan but he said send after his come back is no problem and he said he is waiting for my present.

Actually it can't be helped coz he is on work, but I just feel to send after Valentine's day doesn't mean anything. I mean it's too late when he receive, so I'm thinking to send him next year instead. How everybody thinking?
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... 2010/2/15 10:48
He said he is waiting, right? Send one this year!! :)
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of course you should send them 2010/2/15 13:51
I agree- you already mentioned it to him, right? Not to send anything now would be strange. Better late than never!
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Thanks! 2010/2/17 04:44
Ok, I'll give him after he went back :)

There is another questions from my friends here. She likes a Japanese guy and sent a luxury package on Valentine's day already. He've recieved it with big smile and said thank you very much for giving him. I don't know about Japanese things much but I guessed he already knew that how my friend feeling, but he didn't reply to her yet. She seems very worried now.

My questions are that:
- Is my friend need to wait until white day for his response? I am not sure about this.
- Since my friend only give chocolate but she missed to write some message to him. So the guy may not know what she wants. I mean if she wanted to start hang out and become his bf. Should she say directly?

Thanks for all comments :)
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