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Using coins for a long distance call? 2010/2/6 13:43
Hi all, I was wondering if you can make long-distance calls from a payphone using coins, and if so, what's the procedure? Do you have to talk to an operator?

by Grace (guest)  

international call 2010/2/7 03:54

Hi Grace
First of all, you have to find a right phone which you can make an international call. usually gray one.
then 010 + country code + phone number
eg. call to usa 010+1+612345678
you can make a direct call.
but if you wanna use coin, you have to prepare for quite amonut of coins.
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. 2010/2/7 20:39
You can at the designated payphones but it can be very costly, I recommend purchasing a phonecard for international calls to use instead, or use skype if you have a computer with internet.

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coins 2010/2/8 08:06
I was also wondering why someone would pay the ordinary costs for a very expensive international phone call from a box when discount phone cards or even better Skype are so easily available. If you do want to use coins, they will all need to be 100s, and you will need a lot of them.
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