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cosmetic shop in tokyo 2010/2/9 09:32

I'm seeking for a beauty shop in tokyo with an english website where you can buy a present for someone in japan.

For example, I would like to pay for a massage, or french manucure, or a makeup in a beauty center, and my friend in tokyo can enjoy the present.

In some countries you can buy a "card" and then you offer that card to someone, and with that card, that person can go in the shop to recieve the massage, makeup, etc..
The difficult thing is that I'm not in japan and need to buy online.

I know that it's complicated, but it works pretty well with some international florists.

Thank you if you can help.
by Marsu (guest)  

department stores 2010/2/9 10:25
Have no idea but all the big department stores have beauty/make up counters: try Googling Isetan/Daimaru/etc
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... 2010/2/9 10:38
Probably some internationally known and operated spa salons such as Mandara Spa (there is one location in Tokyo, but they are seriously expensive) would have gift card or gift certificate scheme, but probably not the small ones that are locally run, or local beauty salons that normally ask the clients to "sign up" as members...
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