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top gadget shops in kansai area 2010/2/10 14:05
i have to admit that i am a sucker for a j-gadget or electronic goodies! i always see the coolest stuff online but not all j-companies deliver to addresses outside of japan.

can you name your favourite places to shop for gadgets in osaka, kyoto and that general area ... then i can go and check them out in the fall when i get there.
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. 2010/2/12 12:15
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electronic stuff 2010/2/12 18:25
Bic cameras and Yodobashi cameras have tons of stuff and staff that speak English.
Yodobashi cameras is located on the North side of JR Osaka station... that place is HUGE and sell way more than cameras and computers..fancy an automated toilet seat/bidet? a fridge with 4 to 6 compartments? remote control operated ceiling lights??
http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/search/detail/shopping_5083.html (that site has lots of info about Osaka)

BIC cameras..similar to Yodobashi... located in Minami Namba.. by a covered pedestrian street.
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Re: 2010/2/16 21:27
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. 2010/2/17 01:14
Close to Den Den Town and a few blocks south of Namba station is Labi1:


Google Maps loaction:


Five floors to explore, similar to Bic Camara and Yodobashi.
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