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Where is Kobe World Kinen Hall? 2010/2/10 17:28
I'll be catching Lady Gaga's concert in the Kobe World Kinen Hall in April of this year.

Problem is I can't seem to find the location of this place! Is it in Kobe or Osaka? Does it has another name? I tried googling it, but just can't find its location.

I need to know its location, so that i can find a hotel nearby to stay for the night.

Someone, please help me!!

by kabocha  

... 2010/2/11 02:30
It is located on the Port Island in Kobe, accessible by Portliner from Sannomiya Station, Kobe's main railway station. Get off at Shimin-Hiroba Station, from where the hall is a short walk. The offical name is ワールド記念ホール (World Kinen Hall), but it seems to be also known as 神戸ポートアイランドホール (Kobe Port Island Hall):
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Thank you!! 2010/2/12 02:11
Oh..Thank you sooo much for the information! :)

So, I assume there will not be any hostels or guesthouses near that area, right? Only hotels, perhaps??
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Kobe 2010/2/12 04:18
It only takes 10 minutes at the very least to go from Sannomiya to the hall by the Portliner (departure hall near JR Sannomiya station. There are several hotels near JR Sannomiya, including a Toyoko inn (#2 when you check the Toyoko inn site)

for Portliner:

There are hotels on Port island but they are rather expensive.

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Thank you for great information! 2010/2/12 10:26
hi.. Thank you for the useful information.

I just thought I should get accomodation really near to the concert hall because a concert usually ends very late. And train services don't stay open till so late, I presume. But I guess Sannomiya may be near and good enough.

Thank you so much! :)
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