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Age to party? 2010/2/11 10:33
Hii =)

I'm off to Japan this summer with a few friends, and we're interested in the legal clubbing age in Tokyo.

We're all 18, and go clubbing here in the states. I know 20 is considered of-age in Japan, and is the legal drinking age, but how old do you have to be just to enter clubs and not drink?

Do clubs check IDs often? And will we be treated differently because we're foreigners?

I'd like to know what to expect when I go. I'm really looking forward to Tokyo nightlife =)
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legal age is 20 2010/2/11 18:02
if the legal age is 20, then you'd better believe that you have to be 20 to enter clubs.

you will most probably be asked for your ID, especially if you're a foreigner.

having said that, i remember i was allowed into a club in japan when i was 19, and the guy at the door told me 'you're not 20, so you're normally not allowed in, but i'm going to let you in today anyway'.

so it would depend on the club.
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... 2010/2/11 21:02
Don't count on getting into major clubs in any of the major areas.

The police keep a close eye on clubs that keep a lot of foreigner traffic and it's definitely not worth them letting a bunch of kids in should they get caught serving to minors.

Most bars and izakaya won't care if you're in diapers as long as you don't cause trouble.

The thing you need to be most aware of are the consequences of getting caught by the police for under-aged drinking.
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