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where to buy a rice polisher 2010/2/12 03:57
I'm looking for a rice polisher to use at home. I saw one a while back that was an attachment for a food processor by Murphy. I thought these were quite common in Japan, but I can't find any. I also need it shipped to the USA
by Vince (guest)  

? 2010/2/12 09:41
The question is why you want it.
More you polish, more you throw away good part of rice nutrients. These days the Japanese rice you buy at supermarket in US is "musenmai" meaning no washing necessary rice. I usually do not wash many times like Japanese do. No washing & I just add water & cook or mix some genmai(brown rice). Actually the US grown Japanese rice (mostly from Sacramento, CA) tastes better than in Japan because of less storage time or no Chinese rice mixture. Also much cheaper.
PS:My family had some rice fields in Japan and I used to help a lot from planting, harvesting, processing and eating.
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brew sake 2010/2/12 10:37
The reason I want to polish rice is that I home brew sake and have no way to polish the rice down to make high quality sake.
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How big? 2010/2/13 15:40
There are some kinds of rice-polishers you can buy, but most of them are only for polishing brown rice to white rice. mostly 900ml at maximum and cannot choose the percentage.

How big one you expect?

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TOMIDEN 2010/3/17 12:23
Hi TOMIDEN is one of the best electronic home appliances shop in Japan ...Once try here ...May be you can get rice polisher here...
Good luck ...
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rice polisher 2010/3/17 14:09
I looked around for rice polishers, and they are pretty easy to find at home goods stores, however the consumer versions seem designed primarily to remove the brown germ (as nattofriends mentioned), and may not be able to further polish to the requirements to make ginjo or daiginjo sake. You'll have to investigate further to see if they're gonna fulfill your needs. Here's a few links I found to get you started:

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