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Japanese culture 2010/2/14 02:17
I went to Japan recently for a holiday. On one of the days, both my friend and I signed up for a guided tour. This tour was headed by a Japanese guy who can speak English. After the tour, we treated him to dinner. He then insisted on treating us dinner the next day, After dinner, he sent both of us home. My friend went back into our hotel first, leaving me outside. With the excuse of wanting to give me a present, he asked me to close my eyes and subsequently kiss me. I am just wondering is this a normal japanese culture?
by protozoa  

. 2010/2/14 08:04
No, and he was being unprofessional. If this bugs you, you should reprt to the company.
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Japanese culture 2010/2/14 11:17
He is coming to my country at the end of the year and he asks me to be his guide when he comes. Is it appropriate?
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agree with Ikuyo 2010/2/14 15:21
He should have behaved properly as long as he were professional. Also, he violated the Japanese law and moral.

Is it appropriate?
As long as it's ok for you to get along with him as a friend of yours.
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Thanks folks 2010/2/14 15:38
Thanks folks, this is really useful. I was rather bored by this. Initially I thought it was a normal Japanese culture, until I read that it Japanese usually do not kiss or hug on the streets. Thus I found it weird that my guide actually gave me a kiss outside our hotel. He probably thought that we were foreigners (Although we were Asians), thus we were open to such a gesture.
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kiss 2010/2/14 19:32
protozoa, is it the culture in your country for a man you don't know well to accompany a couple to their hotel, wait for the guy to go in first, then kiss the girl without asking permission??? it is very wrong in any country!!!
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Common sense... 2010/2/14 20:20
I am having a hard time believing this is a genuine questions and not a joke. I'll address the second question though, about whether it's "appropriate" for protozoa to be the guy's guide in her home country. Surely the only thing that matters in that case is whether protozoa wants to be his guide and whether she considers it appropriate herself, not whether we think so.
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kiss 2010/2/14 21:51
It is not appropriate in my country or rather it is not normal in my country for people to do that- meaning kiss the girl without her permission. So I was a bit traumatized after that and wondered was it me-who thought this seemed wrong- or was it a normal Japanese culture. Because if it was a normal Japanese culture, I shouldn't blame the guy as it was a normal gesture that he would usually do. If it was so, I would still continue to be his guide when he comes to my country.
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. 2010/2/14 23:31
He overstepped the boundaries when he kissed you AND asked you to be his free guide. Agian, it is up to you. If it is okay with you, it is okay. Please do not think you are obliged to it, because you are not.
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thanks 2010/2/14 23:42
Thanks a million. I know what to do already! Thanks lots!
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