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Mito nightlife 2010/2/15 05:02
My company is sending me to Mito for a bit. I've never been to Japan. I know it's no Tokyo, but is Mito the sort of city that has cool bars/clubs? Or should I just stick the daytime touristy stuff that Google points me to?
by Manuel (guest)  

trust in google 2010/2/16 07:11
Yeah, google has got it right im afraid you can always take a weekend trip to Tokyo.
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Guess so... 2010/2/16 11:12

Every place has some bars.. whether they are cool or not depends on what you are looking for. How about this place:


Found by googling "mito gaijin bar"..
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Thanks 2010/2/16 12:07
Yeah, I came across that site, but I like adventure. Maybe I'll get myself lost on purpose and see what I find. It might be better to stick to that bar place that speaks English.

Thanks for the help.
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